Maria Arnell
Art Projects

The Bikini Sisters

The Bikini Sisters is a systematic series of work depicting four Hungarian sisters - the mother and aunts of the photographer Maria Arnell. This ongoing project was originally initiated by accidental circumstances in 2001 during a family vacation and has since evolved into a serious project adding up pictures annually. On first impression the project reveals both portraiture and passage of time, with the intention to give room for comparison over an extensive period. On a deeper level it deals with intricate issues between the five closely related women - and a camera.

The Young Bikini Sisters

The Young Bikini Sisters is a screenprint series specially made for the New York based publisher Lines & Shapes and their new book The Artist Series. The project is a spin off from Maria Arnellīs ongoing photo project The Bikini Sisters and deals with the same kind of questions of identity and kinship.

Continuous Spectacle

Continuous Spectacle is a reflection on today's visual age and its characterization by domination of the sense of sight. The expansion of instruments of visual communication has transformed the world around us into seen phenomena. Human being's perceptual direct and tactile experience has to a great extend been substituted by a perceptual mediated ditto. A visual hegemony has developed on the costs of the other senses sensory involvement - our tactile attendance has been pushed away and the eyesight has become the supreme sense.

Adriatic Sea

Untitled series